Breed by Chase Novak

Breed My rating: 1 of 5 stars

1 out of 5. I feel disappointed… the book had so much potential in theory and didn’t deliver it… I endure so much icky facts, and feel like the only purpose was to gross the reader, since there hadn’t weight to the story. Right now I’ll probably say it was the worse from 2012… I have to take a pick of this year’s list to make sure, but I’m almost certain it was. And it wasn’t the type of story or the pet eating and stuff, it was the writing.

I liked the twins. And the professor. The way he connected with the kids and tried to protect them was something. And strangely, it was the only character that allows us some insight of what he was feeling and thinking – apart from Adam. I didn’t like the POV. The detached way the story was “communicated”, it looked like if it was a documentary, without the good narrator, and the good plans, and the good storyline and all the good work behind. It was disjointed, and with no dept. I feel betrayed, I had so much expectation for the story.

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