New from NetGalley

songAll I wanted to see was the status of my latest requests.

But, a purple blur caught my attention and I couldn’t resist. I knew the chances were remote since the title said US & Canada only but I had nothing to lose. The worst case scenario was their refusal, I would probably be a little sad and grumpy but, the wait would be short lived since the expected release date is April 15th.

I pressed request.

I was hoping.

I was wishing.

I got the email saying that my request had been approved  and the book was ready for me to read. I read the email two times before believing my eyes. I almost jumped from bed and started doing the happy book dance – it was around 10 PM, my neighbors wouldn’t be happy. So I did the only next best thing: I downloaded the book – yes, that is important – and next turned the computer on and went to share my delight and happiness with my goodreads friends. There is some kind of unique feeling when we share our love for something with someone that really understand us and can feel the same.

The only reason I don’t start it right this moment, is that I said I would help with a book discussion, and we must honor our book appointments, no matter what. Is the price to pay to have wonderful people being happy for us when we receive a book gift.

So, next book on the list? The Forever Song – the final book from the amazing Blood of Eden trilogy by Julie Kagawa.

If you didn’t read the previous books you may want to stop reading from this point on. Here’s and idea: get The Immortal Rules (book #1) and submerse yourself in one of the best dystopian/post-apocaliptic/vampire trilogy I ever read. Yes, I know, I’m not a dystopian fan so I haven’t read so many of them. It doesn’t matter. Just see the rates. And the blurb. And the reviews. If that doesn’t convince you, here’s another reason: this is not your common young adult series. Unless you have a strong dislike of vampire books, Just read it. Is that good. I promise.

Why am I so excited? Simple!

What will happen when they reach Eden? What will Allison’s reaction be when facing what she doesn’t know about Zeke?

I need to know what happened to Zeke! Is he still human or Vampire?

If he’s a human, how will their relationship survive since he made Allie promise never to turn him?

If he’s a vampire..

That proves Sarren is not a type II vampire but a powerful master. How can Allie and Kanin defeat him?

And, will Zeke and Allie have a chance? Or will Zeke’s aversion to vampires win the fight? What kind of monster will Zeke be?

The questions will all be answered on April 15th 2014


2 thoughts on “New from NetGalley

  1. Not exactly. This is the ARC version, right? So, chances are the final product is different. Sure, main events will be there. But the path to get there can be different.

    At least, that’s how I see it.


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