Please keep it consistent!

So… I have this really really stupid memory. I can’t remember or describe faces, places, or clothes.

If I talked to you yesterday I probably won’t remember that you were wearing a green tank top.

However, if during a really hot day you say “tomorrow I’ll wear the tiniest tank top I own” and your co-worker replies “I’ll be visiting your work room first thing in the morning” and when the next day comes, he visits and the co-worker next to you turns to look at you and comments “that’s the tiniest you have?”  the moment will be forever engraved in my memory.

Same happens with movies. And books. Specially books. So, every time I read Zane asking to Ty “How did you know he was a marine” I feel like screaming:  helllloooooooo you told him on Cut&Run!!! Duuuuuhhhhh!!! Keep to the script!!!!

Yes, with all those exclamation points because I’m taking a page out of the book of all the people that think that one isn’t enough to punctuate what they are saying whilst writing emails.

Seriously. How hard is to write a book series and keep it coherent? First time I read the cut&run books I noticed all the little tidbits! Second time it started bugging me. Now? I feel like compiling a list and send it to Abby Roux with the words “Only my love for Ty and Zane keep me for not criticizing the lack of consistence. Please don’t do the same with Nick and Kelly!”

Seriously. It irks me till no end. Will I stop rereading the boys? Of course not. I love them. Even with all the flaws. What I have to do is only to reread the parts I’m in the mood on reading, and not the whole series back to back.

Other examples are the Kate Daniels series. Not as serious as the ones on Cut&Run – maybe because I’m not rereading them on a monthly basis.

So many series have that “little” let down. And most of them don’t have the plot richness of Kate, or the addictiveness (yes, that’s a word) of Ty&Zane. So. Be careful when you write a book series. Make the world a favor and reread the previous books during the editing phase to check the consistence if you’re picking up things already referred before. Your readers will love you even more.

Rant done.

And since I started talking about Ty&Zane, does book 9 already have a name? Is a bittersweet feeling. On one side, I want to know all little loose ends. On the other, I don’t want the series to end. Yes, I know they’ll be on Sidewinder, even if only by phone. But no matter how much I love Nick & Kelly – and yes, I want the Abbot mood suggestion to happen on the next book – is not the same thing. That endless teasing and banter isn’t there. I hope they’ll get to be present like the sidewinder boys were on some of the cut&run books.

Book Wielding Harpie’s letter to Santa done.

Happy Readings!


2 thoughts on “Please keep it consistent!

  1. LMAO. If you hadn’t read C&R like 50 times in the past year, those things wouldn’t work your nerves.
    Nope I haven’t seen the title yet. So go find another series to read for now and stop obsessing over our boys Ty and Zane.


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