The perks of being a mod…

I love being a moderator for NBRC. I really do. Even if it is a much much time consuming hobby.

I get to be part of an awesome team, and besides the usual goodreads discussion activity we have plenty of good ideas. Seriously… Team Challenges? We nail them. Individual challenges? We’re the best. BOM discussions? We have THREE a month – four, if you count the back room – yes, we have a back room group for mature content and to talk about all tabu books we love to read without exposing our underage members to those themes. Are we great or what?

Anyway, this comes with a price. One, I just can’t say no to participate in challenges, which always makes my TBR to grow to ungodly numbers, and burns my reading mood. Also, I get so involved with the group that either I spend a lot of time without reading or I tend to start a bunch of books without finishing them, or both. Oh, and I also tend to neglect this blog.

But, the rewards are bigger.

For example, if not for goodreads I wouldn’t have met NetGalley and had the change of reading so many books, even if my feedback is a bit low – working on that, one of the NBRC mods came out with an awesome NetGalley challenge (monthly) for that reason.

Also, the amazing people I get to know and share my love for books with.

And we’re expanding! NBRC now has a blog – sadly not a wordpress one – and a facebook page. Which is a very cool way of communicating with our members, without spamming their inboxes, and for us to keep up to date with every little change that sometimes goes unnoticed – again, to avoid unnecessary spamming.

Of course, since we need to be posting, is giving me the itch to get back (or should I say start)  to blogging.

So, I’ve decided starting a few new categories:

Cleaning the TBR Closet: inspired on Karen’s challenge, is basically picking a book that has been on my TBR for more than a year, read it, and then post basic things: date added, reason for being let behind, why it was picked back to read and if it was worth the adding to the list in the first place.

Book of the Month: NBRC has 4 different categories (back room, young adult, adult sci-fi/fantasy and anything goes (that is not one of the previous 3). So, the odds that I manage to read a book out of my comfort zone and that makes me thing and learn new things are really high. Plus, I miss the BOM discussions, with the breakdown sections and the discussion questions.

Picked For Me: Sometimes I get great recommends (I even join recommend challenges) and end up not following them, so it’s time not only I read them, I also acknowledge them.

And I guess it’s all for now. I’ll post if the chipmunks that make my brain work think of something.

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