Book-Talk: Stop Procrastinating and Just Read It!

A long time ago, I was just a young woman waiting for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to came out. I worked part-time as a cashier at FNAC, my favorite store ever – seriously, books, movies, gadgets, games & music at the same place? Where we can try them? Put some baked goods and coffee to the mix – which they also have – and that’s heaven. Heaven I tell you!Anyway, here I was waiting for the release date when the news break through. The book release will be a world wide event. With a tiny detail: to allow for it to be released everywhere at the same time, it would have to be the original English written version. Meaning, I would have to wait for the translated version to came out. Are you kidding me? Right. Well. One of the advantages of FNAC, is that it also sells books written in English, Spanish and French. At least the Portuguese branch does. Well, the selection may not be huge, but we have options. And, in my case, it had the first Harry Potter books all shinny and ready for me. And that’s how it all started. Now, rare for me is to read a Portuguese translation. Usually it is reserved for books already on the bookshelf or for some European books that arrive first to Portuguese bookstores than to the UK ones, like Bad Karma and its brand new sequel.

That been said, it is time I use the same trick for French (to complement the French Classes I’m taking) and to *un-rust* Spanish.

So, after some thinking, a request for recommendations and a happy coincidence with the BOM polls, here’s the selection:


13319481 18682457 16085882


17798515 17906284 17906277

It doesn’t hurt the covers are so pretty. Now it’s time I Stop Procrastinating and Just Read It!


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