Book Talk: First toe dip into book blogging

Somehow, I ended up reading my Portuguese written first book blog, not sure why, is not like I don’t have plenty of books to read or lots of work to do. Anyway, two things jumped right into my attention:

1) My written style was good. I liked it. It was more personal and a little more sarcastic. Why did I change? Maybe it’s the language barrier, maybe I wanted a more “professional” look. Truth is, I prefer that older style.

2) There are some good reviews in there that got lost down in memory lane, since they didn’t make the cut to this one when I changed. No idea why. Maybe it was too much of a hassle to translate, maybe I wanted a cleaner look, who knows?

memorylaneImage Source

Now, I’m a bit undecided of what to do. Should I attempt the translation and bring them back to here? Some are about books in a series that I still haven’t continue, so maybe that’s the push I need to continue. Plus, maybe I get back the writing style I also miss. On the other hand, I’m afraid the little quirks I liked get lost in translation. One thing is to think English and write or think Portuguese and write. The other, completely different is to read Portuguese and write English (and vice-versa).

Maybe I’ll try to import the first one – a feeble attempt at being funny – and see how it goes, then decide from there.

Wish me luck!

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