Lost in Time: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

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Since I got to watch confessions of a shopaholic and realized it was based on the novel with the same name that Sophie Kinsella went to the list of the authors to try one day, specially since I needed some chic-lit genre on my life for those times where a fluffy reading was needed. Of course, being part of that list doesn’t automatically mean being read, because factors like mood, opportunity or a book I really want to read are prone to happen.

The Undomestic Goddess has a cute concept: Samantha, a workaholic who doesn’t know what take a break means and that measures her life into 6 minute periods, is about to get her life goal from the past 7 years: to become a partner of a very prestigious law firm. On the very same day the decision is to be taken, she discovers that she has made a serious mistake. One, that has the power to crush any chance of getting the so much desired and worked for promotion. Disconnected from reality, she leaves the building, goes into the train station and boards the first train she sees without a destination in mind.

When she finally starts thinking again, she’s lost in the middle of nowhere, without a clue how she got there and how to be back. Stopping into a beautiful mansion to ask for directions, and adding to the surreal of the moment, she gets mistaken for a housekeeper candidate and gets the job. Nothing weird at all, specially because Samantha, a very promising lawyer, doesn’t know how to turn the oven on or sow a button. She never cooked in her life and opening the ironing board is a very hard and mysterious task

Although a funny book to read, the book has too many details that make the story a little too cheesy for me. First, the new employers. Really? How gullible can a pair of too status and prestige people can be? They believe every single stupid and out of the board story she makes up. They don’t think it strange when dinner doesn’t show because of the wrong set of pans, or the clothes seem suddenly so well taken care as if brand new (maybe because they were) even if Sam seems to be unable to set the iron board.. really?

And why is everybody so helpful? And with a so convenient set of skills? And last, how on earth does she learn to do ALL THAT in a weekend? Yes, two days, at first try, without missing steps. Seriously? From first class inapt to a true Martha Stewart in a matter of days?

Yeah, right.

The twist at the end, even if it works, seems too forced – from laughing stock and lawyer in disgrace to a star and brilliant mind.

Anyway, it did annoyed me a bit. Nonetheless, it is a good book for those days where we don’t feel particularly intellectual and want something that is light and fluffy, ideal to read whilst on a plane or for a beach day.

2 thoughts on “Lost in Time: The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

  1. I LOVE Sophie Kinsella for when I need something light, because I love her writing style and she has fun plots in her books. But I agree with you on this one – some parts of this book just don’t make sense and the ending is totally forced because if she wasn’t totally sure that she screwed up at he law firm, why did she run away in the first place?
    If you want more of her books, you should see her work under the name Madeleine Wickham (Sophie Kinsella is her pen name). 🙂


    • Hi Jerneja, thanks for the rec. Will check them. I loved “Can You Keep a Secret?”, so I’m looking forward for some more. Warm weather is on its way. Or so they say. The past few weeks doesn’t look like it.


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