There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Reading Challenges

I’ve been following  Jeann@ Happy Indulgence  for a while now – love her reviews – and since yesterday I was particularly feeling the itch to continue blogging and I don’t want to start spamming all internet with my book ramblings – I already do plenty of that at goodreads – I focused on exploring her blog instead.

She has a feature called happy blogging, that gives us some insides of how to improve our blogging. Thanks to the how to get followers on social media post, I discovered some really interesting book blogs I decided to follow.One of them, the Caffeinated Book Reviewer is hosting the Clean Sweep Arc Challenge, that, as the name implies, is to make a dent on our ARC pile. So guess what I just did? Yes, there is no such thing as too many reading challenges at once.

 cleansweep2016x300 24arcbutton

(click image to go to event)


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