Book-Talk: Being mad at book reviewers equals to a very sleepy and grumpy Harpie

For someone that is always complaining about books in a series having plot details that are contradicted or not checked from previous books or when publishers change cover style in the middle of a series, or even worse, authors change publishers in the middle of a series and book size differs *shudders* I do have a problem with keeping consistent.

I blame my mood. Seriously, if I was a mood ring of myself, I would be a rainbow. Or maybe not because those colors are too perky. I don’t have a favorite book because I can’t focus on it enough. I don’t have a favorite movie anymore, at least not since my subconscious got too grown up for The Lion King, a couple of years ago or so. I don’t have a favorite color. Heck, I even struggle to have a favorite book genre. Yes, I have a few that I prefer, but they are usually a top two or five and they switch places according to my mood.

Same for blog posts. I suddenly pass from one post a month to one or more posts a day – I’m starting to have some control there. Yes, I still manage to write as mood strike. But, when I start having too many posts, I keep them as drafts or schedule them. Niffy trick,uh? Sadly, it is not an original idea, the blog world is full of nice tricks and tips like that.

But I digress. So. After a period of starting books and not finishing any, yesterday I finished two.

First, was Orphan Number 8 by Kim van Alkemade. My first thought finishing the book was: wow, just wow. Followed by a: how on earth am I going to rate that? Or what to say during the review? When this happens.. I cheat. Well, cheating is not the right word. Basically, I browse through goodreads reviews, reading both good and bad reviews to help my own feelings settle.

Yesterday, THIS. WAS. A. BIG. MISTAKE. Yes, all caps. Because I got so mad at some I wanted to grab a plane and just shake some sense into people.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everybody is entitled to have a strong opinion. Everybody has the right to love, like or dislike a book. But saying that the book was no longer historical fiction? Saying that the book used historical facts to promote a hidden agenda? It hit me too hard. Because the book is really good. It is well written, it has a lot of work and research behind. Yes, the main character is a Lesbian, and unfortunately, that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. But the book shows Rachel in the past and present (for her). Her path. Her choices. Her struggles. And “her lifestyle” as someone put it is a part of her life. Because, if in 2015/2016, the book is trashed because it has a sex scene, can you imagine what it was for her living in the 50’s? When doctors didn’t discuss with women their breast cancer treatments but with their husbands?

Yeah, it get me really mad. Maybe I’m unfair. Every time I try to get my sister to read Cut & Run, she says she doesn’t like mushy romance – which she doesn’t. And when I’m in a Ty & Zane roll, and use arguments like serial killers, explosions, murder & mayhem, not mushy romance, she just arches an eyebrow and states: “I don’t read MM”. Okay. Fine. Maybe the book should have a disclaimer about the main character sexuality for those that feel uncomfortable and share some of the side characters visions stay away from the book. Which in my opinion would be a little stupid. Because the book is Historical Fiction. It is based on true events. It should me marketed as that, and not targeted to a very specific audience. The book depicts men as horrible people. Well, newsflash, some men are horrible people. Back in the 50’s, a lot of men were horrible people by our current standards. But it had some good men too. Even if they were just passing by characters. Those little details played a more important part on the story, because they helped Rachel to be the woman she became.

Anyway, after I calmed down and let life continue, I went to bed with one goal in mind. Read 4 chapters of US by Sarina Bowen – nothing like some favorite MM smutt and funny moments to restore peace.

Well… I read the four chapters… then another one.. and one more and…. ended up finishing the book at half past midnight. It could be worse… much much worse… imagine that I curled with US after watching Rizzoli & Isles as I first thought of doing? Yep, I would be up till prohibitive hours.

Anyway, back to the book. Did I love it? I’m still not sure… still too sleepy and cranky, and with no mood to be at work at all. But I really enjoyed it. I love Wes & Jamie. And Blake… at first he started annoying me, but then he was just… prefect. No, seriously… a 200 something pounds hockey player that is scared of sheep and that jumps up and down in a bed because he’s excited with some great news till the bed breaks?!

Apart from Wes seeming too centered and rational about some hard to deal aspects, the book felt real. Keeping a relationship hidden is not something easily managed. Being in a foreign country without a safety net or a “village” because you are keeping said relationship hidden is even worse. Having to face all that and building a life that never crossed your mind before… Some angst was bound to happen.

Yeah, maybe I loved the book just a little bit after all 🙂

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