Because Read-a-Thons Are Much More Than Just Reading

Since Tower Teams II back in 2013, that I wanted NBRC to host Read-a-Thons. It was just wishful thinking till Karsyn joined the mod squad. Dang, I wanna be like her when I grow up!

Anyway, she thinks that read-a-thons are much more than reading, and you know what? I totally agree. So, I happily handed over my read-a-thon wannabe organizer badge to her and turned into just a happy sidekick and even happier participant.

Too much happiness? That’s the same as saying too much chocolate or too many books. There is no such thing as too many for any of those.

So, why do NBRC’s read-a-thons stand out?

Four Reasons:

1. Daily Questions  :
╰⊰✿ Each Day will have a Daily Questions
╰⊰✿ You may choose to participate as much or as little as you’d like. You could answer all questions one day, none another, it’s all up to you!

2. Recommendations 
Through the read-a-thon, we’re going to recommend books in the hopes of putting a ton more books on our TBR! With recommendations ~
╰⊰✿ Recommendations Thread for Recommendations ONLY! Separate threads will be for Chat/Interactions and so on. Please only make your Recommendations, and nothing else, in the Recommendations Thread!
╰⊰✿ Try to recommend something not extremely popular (no Harry Potter!) We want to get new books and with extremely big series/books, people already know about them. Give us something new to want!
╰⊰✿ REMEMBER: Our group is an ALL AGES group. Please no recommendations of a mature nature. Gore and violence is ok (it’s in Hunger Games after all) but nothing too over the top and no erotica please.

3. Tasks
╰⊰✿ There will be one Task (suggestions for books to read)
╰⊰✿ The Task is a fun suggestion and not mandatory for participation in the RaT
╰⊰✿ You can chose to do task or not, it’s up to you

4. Participants
Without our great members, NBRC would just be another goodreads discussion group. Each event, each challenge, each post we make I always feel blessed for the way our members respond and love our ideas. Thank you for helping our little corner being such an amazing experience.

Waiting for Wobble

Waiting for Wobble ~ a 4 Day Read-a-Thon ~ May 20-23rd

➜ 4 Day Read-a-Thon (RaT) open to any and all
➜ You do NOT have to read every day to participate. Can read as much as 24/7 for 4 days or as little as 1 hour. As much or little as each person is able.
➜ To make it stand apart from other run of the mill RaT, this will be set up differently. There will be Daily Questions/Interactions, Daily Recommendations & an overall Task.
➜ Participation in Daily Challenges is not mandatory to join in for RaT. Join in as MANY, or as FEW, Daily Questions, Daily Recommendations, Overall Task as you would like.
➜ You don’t have to read during the RaT to participate in the Daily Questions or Recommendations.
➜ Create goals to help you keep on track (page count / hours read / books read) or just go with the flow. Goals not mandatory for participation.
➜ Mandatory for RaT —– Have FUN and READ.

Want to join the fun? Just click the link (*)

(*)This is a NBRC event. If you wish to participate you must become a group member first.

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