Waiting for Wobble: aka Harpies can’t say No

Back in 2012, LK had this awesome idea. It was something on the lines: what if, we try to read 2013 books in 2013? It is a daunting task for a person, so, how about we do it as a group? Better yet, why don’t we make teams and turn it into a team challenge?

And that’s how Tower Teams was born. Four months later, we were all busy working on the kick-off of brand new Tower Teams II. This time with more teams, less players for each team, and some cool features.  Some things were really good. Some were really bad. But one thing was clear, we loved team challenges. After that we had Book Buffs Battleship , UnCover It!, Wheelathon, Gladiator Games, and yes, more Tower Teams because our members love that one. What’s not to love about a challenge where you only have to read – whatever you want, at your own pace – with some rules and fun elements, because we are a little naughty.

Well, maybe more than a little. We did have a Leprechaun based event after all. And, the winner was allowed to pick our next team challenge! From a pre-approved list, of course, we are naughty, not completely crazy. Not much, at least. Anyway. Our winner was having some troubles choosing, because she wanted one of each. And that’s when it hit me. Why not give it to her? Well, not all, because we haven’t completely lost our minds yet, but her favorite five. A shorter version or her favorite five. And then we added one more for good measure, actually, we needed an extra B to make it an acronym that was also a word. We already were doing five, why not six? It’s not that crazy, right?

And this time, I wasn’t playing. That was the plan. Staying out to have a break. I need those. I resisted the planning & plotting phase. I resisted when I started writing my assigned one. I resisted when choosing team names & themes & area to mentor. I resisted sign-ups. Then I send some PMs to remind a few members of them. I resisted Karsyn’s and Amanda’s I-want-to-play arguments. I even proposed Steven an alternative because I was staying out. And then one reply did me in. So. yeah. I’m in. I’m so in. Because as we all know, Harpies can’t say No to team challenges.

Wanna know what W.O.B.B.L.E. is?

W is for Wheelathon
O is for Olympics
B is for Battleship
B is for Bingo
L is for Labors of Bookules
E is for Emerge the Victor

You can know all about W.O.B.B.L.E here!

Better yet, click the image below and sign-up(*)



(*)This is a NBRC team challenge. Participants need to be group members to join the fun.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Wobble: aka Harpies can’t say No

    • Thanks 🙂
      Breaks are good. I wanted one. But I also remember how sad I was sitting out for UnCover It!
      Maybe next time…. uhmmm….I always say that…


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