Top Ten Tuesday #1: 10 Books I Changed My Mind About

Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

Well, it’s the perfect topic for me. One of my best friends would say “of course it is. You’re a Gemini, you’ll change opinion 30 times a minute”. Well, no… I mean, I do change my opinion often about things, but that’s not the reason I change my mind about books. Either context, real life, or mood at the time have a lot of influence. Plus, book tastes change. And I tend to obsess – when that happens, everything else dims – Heck, last book obsession took over my life for an entire year. I swear people around me still groan when I say the names Ty&Zane.

Anyway, moving on, to the books I changed my mind about:

1. Fifty Shades by E.L. James (DOWN) – Yep, starting with a bang. The book has legions of fans, however I just feel.. blah. Writing could be revised, editing must be done, characters need some working on, and plot needs.. to exist. Well, it started as fan-fic of that literary phenomenon that is the twilight series, so, nothing needs to be said. However, I’m of the opinion that a book doesn’t need to be a master piece for us to enjoy. Heck, I did liked the twilight series, even if the books suck. But this series… nope.. So, why is it here? Because first time I read them, I did it back to back, without stopping and I *glups* like them! Heck, I liked them so much that after listening to them in a row, I promptly searched for the ebook version and read them all again.

Yeah, I know, I should hang my head in shame and go to the I-can’t-even-look-at-you corner. However, I was in a reading rut, and the series made me read again. Plus, the re-read highlighted all the reasons the books are bad. And the only thing I regret is being too embarrassed of rating them 1 star. I did read them more than once. So. Yeah. I need to get over with.

2. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (DOWN)- First time I read the book (or books in my case, since Portugal and Brazil broke it into 4 distinct novels) I loved it. I raved about it. I recommend it. I lend my books – and I never do that. The only regret I had was to read it in a row, and don’t give time to the brain to recover/think/let it shimmer in between books. A couple years ago, it won BOM at NBRC. And guess what? I hated it. The only thing I remember the book was how I ended up hating all characters. Well, this time it was not only the characters. It was the plot. Yes, it is well written. Yes, it has lot of dept, good worldbuilding, character development, continuity, etc etc. Is just not the book for me.

3. Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor (UP) – This one needs to be here. Why? Because it was one of the best YA books I read so far. And I had the nerve to give it 4… yes.. FOUR stars. As someone’s review said: this book has the power of Christmas. It also has the rating fixed to 5 brilliant stars. Now, if only I stop procrastinating, put on my big girl panties and read the last book on the trilogy… of course that means say goodbye, and I’m not ready yet.

4. Wicked by Gregory Maguire (DOWN) – Once upon a time I was a big fan of retellings, so of course I had to read Gregory Maguire. I liked Wicked so much I even bough Son of a Witch. It helps the Portuguese edition are just gorgeous, seriously, look at these covers:

5969827 6333923

Anyway, once the cover induced joy passed and I let ideas settle… the story was also not for me. Maguire has his own writing style, and after Mirror Mirror, I just can’t read him anymore.

5. Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1) by Ilona Andrews (UP) – I gave it 3 stars first time I read it. THREE. Oh my gosh, how crazy am I? Really, truly, crazy. Because yes, it is a first book in a series. Yes, it has a lot of info dump and the worldbuilding is not easy to get into at first glance. But IT IS SIMPLE FREAKINGLY AMAZING! Every time I think I gave my favorite series of all time 3 single stars I feel like stopping calling me an Urban Fantasy reader. And to pledge my eternal servitude to Ilona Andrews.

6. Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier (UP) –Another one I gave a 3 stars rating. Not as bad as with Kate Daniels, but Juliet Marillier is THE MASTER (or mistress) of retellings. She doesn’t retell, she writes dreams and promises, adding little details and little side stories that make each book an amazing escape from reality.

7. Carnival of Secrets by Melissa Marr (UP) . When I first read this one it was still called Carnival of Souls. And I was unfair to the book. At the time it felt as it was a promise undelivered and one little detail clouded all my judgement. After the dust settled and I re-look at it, that important detail is a major plot-line for next book, which I will read if it ever gets published.

8. Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan (UP) – I let my annoyance with what I’ve called google sponsorship to cloud my judgement. Yes, it has a lot of google references, and amazon, and ILM, and gadgets – it’s a nerds haven after all – but it is also a tale of friendship and discoveries, a treasure hunt and a bookish dream.

9. Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)  by Jim Butcher (UP) – One of these days I will know what my problem with Dresden is. Great worldbuilding – check! Great characters – Check! Great plotlines – Check! Writing Style? Amazing! Audio-narrator? One of the bests we can find. So, what is my problem with Dresden? Maybe the action-packed-no-breaks type of books. Maybe the let’s throw every single bad thing we can think of to the main character. Maybe the lack of romance. I don’t know. It can be as simple as it isn’t Kate Daniels.

10. Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MacAlister (DOWN) – How come I rate Aisling Grey series a 3 starts – seriously, how? It has Aisling & Drake & Jim – and then rate this one 4 stars I will never know. Yes, Baltic is the ultimate anti-hero, but the book is not better than the before ones. I guess I do need a re-read.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #1: 10 Books I Changed My Mind About

  1. I also had a *meh* reaction to the Dresden Files, and I can’t quite figure out why! Also didn’t really like Wicked–glad I’m not the only one. Great list!

    New follower via email.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Sometimes I’m scared about bringing up Dresden… Because even if he’s not for everyone – being a little dark and all – one does not simply state that Dresden is a 3 star reading without getting into trouble.

      Checking your TTT


    • I liked it the first time. Maybe is the writing style that doesn’t sit with me anymore? I have problems with Neil Gaiman’s works too. Which is weird because he reminds me a little of Tim Burton’s style and I love Tim Burton’s movies.


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