Harpies must not squeal at bookstores

One of the advantages of running errands is to use them as an excuse to hit the bookstore. Even if the bookstore is small. Even if the English Editions section is ultra tiny. Well, I guess I can’t complain that much, since when it first opened, it was about 20 titles, and now it is an entire bookshelf. A tiny bookshelf, but we’re improving.

Anyway, my excuse was to check on Sharp Objects. Of course, it had Gone Girl – which I already have thanks to some awesome friends – and Dark Places. And that’s it. Exactly two books from Gillian Flynn. Figures. So. When I was looking book by book trying to find something, I saw the name Charlaine Harris. And stopped.I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Time slowed.
Lights dimmed.
*Tries not to hyperventilate*
*Smothers fan girl squeal*
*Grabs phone*
*Arranges books in perfect position*
*Snaps photo*
*Puts books back into place*

My favorite Charlaine Harris series has arrived to Portugal!!!

*happy book dance*

*Sets plan into motion to stalk remaining books from the series*

I shall have the precious books.


The Harpie Wants To Know

When do you find yourself trying not to squeal in delight with books?
Do you snap pictures at bookstores?

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