Top Ten Tuesday #3: 10 Reasons I love…

Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Ten Reasons I Love X” – And no, it’s not X the anime, although it could be – Ten Reasons I Love X can be a certain book, character, author, a bookstore, a fandom, a TV Show, reading, a hobby, a genre…Basically… Anything we want.

Which instantly translates by brain crashing due to overload of ideas. Not good. Not good at all. Anyway, after selecting and putting down a gazillion topics, Chip’n Dale (the ADD chipmunks that made my brain gears spin) finally settled down, and focused enough to be able to work their magic.

reading challenges

So, I present to you,

 Ten Reasons I Love Create Reading Challenges

1. I love to tell people what to read – Seriously… the day I stop trying to stuff books down their throats is the day I stopped being me. Figuratively speaking, of course… swallowing books is not a practical way for reading them.

2. I have more ideas than I can count – We have a saying in Portugal: “Conversations are like Cherries”. It means we start to talk about one thing, but it always have more attached and when we notice it, we talked about a LOT of things. That’s me trying to put challenge ideas on paper.

3. I love the creative process – Having an idea. Put it on paper. Have another 2 or 5 or 787980 thoughts. Translating that to reading tasks. *bliss*

4. I can think of ways of torture and call them motivation – I have a naughty and evil side and thinking on reading tasks is an awesome way to let it come out to play.

5. I can be cute & sugarish without ruining my reputation – sometimes cute and funny are the way to go. And I always make it possible to use creepy, horror and gore books.

6. Book Love! – when adding examples I can chose my favorite covers & books and use only those. Another way of recommending them without people notice, I’m sneaky like that.

7. Ooooooh Shinny – I have an excuse to hunt for pretty and shinny images. Sometimes finding the perfect image to match the challenge theme takes more time than doing the challenge itself. We all have our priorities.

8. People telling me how amazing I am great my challenge is – Yes, I’m adorkable and a true genius at work, not to mention that I have created some pretty awesome challenges. And the warm and fuzzies I get back makes me feel like walking on clouds. We all need to walk on clouds. Just saying.

9. I can use all my favorites things – We can pretty much pick anything and turn it into reading tasks. Yathzee!? Done! Fibonacci Sequence? Done! World Cup? Done! Seriously, the sky is the limit! Unless you want a planet or galaxy reading challenge! Uhmmm… Star Wars… The Imperial March…

10. I can come out with wacky titles and level names – Yep. One of the beauties of creating something. You can use whatever you like, the way you decide is best. Your creation, your rules. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it! Muahahahahah

The Harpie Wants To Know

Do you join reading challenges? Which type?
Where? (Blogs, Goodreads, etc..)

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #3: 10 Reasons I love…

    • I’m failing miserably at that one.

      Hopefully, the upcoming team challenge me and the girls of one of the groups are organizing will take care if that. Almost starting date and. so. much. to. do. yet

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  1. I like the Goodreads reading challenge! IT’S MY FAVOURITE ACTUALLY. I’m always updating goodreads and keeping track of things and writing reviews, heehe. ;D And I love looking at covers and arranging books so yesssss to the shiny. Reading challenges are glorious NO DOUBT!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  2. I do generally liked to join reading challenges, though due to school, I’m not able to do it as much as I want. I am currently working on the Goodreads challenge, which I’m so far ahead on. I also have my own 2016 reading challenge, that I’m doing pretty good on as well.

    I really enjoyed your list!

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    • Thanks. Well, I love reading challenges… finishing then is some feat I still haven’t manage that well. Maybe if I resisted the shinning join button.. *whistles*


  3. I joined my first challenge last year and enjoyed it so much that I signed up for 4 year long ones this year. I love it! And it keeps me organized which is FANTASTIC for my OCD brain. Plus you get to meet other bloggers with similar reading interests. Challenges are a win-win no matter how you look at.
    My TTT

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    • I know! The recs and sharing is great. The growth on the TBR and its imminent toppling over you is not as funny.. but.. as great minds say… there is no such thing as too many books on TBR.

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    • Thanks. Yep, they can. Specially when they get too specific like read a book with a bright green cover that features a cooking Alien from planet X.


    • Yeah, when I fist started doing them at goodreads I also felt lost. Then I found out we could have personal secret groups and use them for tracking.

      Or keep a tracking page/feature on the blog. I’m relative new to blogging even if I’m around for a few years, so I don’t know all the ropes yet… uhmmm, that’s a good theme for a post *adding to idea bucket*


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