Top Ten Tuesday #4: Harpie’s Most Wanted: We Wants it! We needs it! We must have the precious!

Yesterday I was a marching Dodo, today I’m a persistent Gollum. Harpies can shapeshift, didn’t you know? Specially the book wielding ones. It’s the book magic.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday and that means time for another awesome Top Ten Tuesday prompt by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of The Year“.

So, which genres awake my inner Gollum? Mostly Urban Fantasy and Young Adult – yes, people of little faith, I’m back to normal, mostly. Are Harpies normal? No? No surprise there.

Harpie’s Most Wanted:  We Wants it! We needs it! We must have the precious!


1. Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels is, hands down, my favorite series. I have a top five that usually goes up and down according to mood, specially near release date. But nothing compares to Kate. The next book is an automatic addition to my most wanted list the moment I reach last page on the current one. I’m dreading the day her story ends. Yes, Andrea’s book was good. Yes, Jim & Dali’s novellas are great. Derek’s shortie last year made my heart jump up and down with happiness. Will there be more of them after Kate Daniels? Maybe, maybe not. But Kate & Curran will no longer be the MCs and I’m not prepared to that. Fortunately, not yet. And although their story is approaching that point, it isn’t over yet, and from the first chapter teaser – Thank you Ilona for sharing – Magic Binds is full of promises and I NEEDS IT!!!!


2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany

Okay, so, it’s not exactly a book. It’s a screenplay. And it breaks all rules of book endings and series. It dares to touch the future after the HEA. What happens after the two words that both shatter and make readers smile, yes, I’m talking about “The End”. Honestly? Who cares? It’s Harry Potter. It’s J.K. Rowling. And I SHALL HAVE IT.


3. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Laini Taylor writing feels like magic. It’s like Christmas in July – or September in this case, and I cannot wait for it. As soon as I read the synopsis, there was only one thought in my mind: I WANTS IT!


4. Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine

Ink and Bone was awesome. Really, really good. So naturally, Paper and Fire is a Most Wanted one. And the best part? Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher I HAZ IT!


5. All the little liars by Charlaine Harris

When I started with the Aurora Teagarden, the series was already all out and completed. And the ending was really satisfactory. I loved how Aurora’s future seemed so bright and shinny and EXACTLY the one I was rooting for since book one. Anyway, imagine my surprise when Steven told me about the new one, coming this year. Only one thing to do. I ADDED IT!


6. Blood of the Earth by Faith Hunter

I actually requested this one on NetGalley before reading Jane. Now that I met the universe and the authors style I’m even happier of my action because I GOT APPROVED!


7. Reliquary by Sarah Fine

I loved the Servants of Fate series. Sarah Fines creates great worlds and characters. So, I read the synopsis. Magic causing drug effects? I REQUEST IT!


8. What Remains by Garrett Leigh

I first knew about this on May’s NetGalley challenge and between the synopsis and the reviews I got intrigued. Angst, check. MM action, check. Great writing, check. Too bad it was a denied request. I COVETS IT!

Precious books needed that won’t be available in 2016

9.White Hot by Ilona Andrews

I need more of Nevada and Rogan. No, they are not Kate and Curran and they will never be, BUT, they stand on their own, and I loved the magic system. I need more. And maybe some new covers because the current ones give the wrong idea that the books are paranormal romance instead of the great urban fantasy novels they are.

10.Tried & True by Abigail Roux

Only thing we got was a teaser back in March. Where Nick got into trouble. How on earth Owen is being framed for murder and Nick is the one that ends up in a jail cell I have no clue. But, Abi knows what she’s doing and I’m sure I will love the ride. Fingers crossed for lots of sidewinder moments. And lots of Ty & Zane. And the kitties. And for an awesome Brick & Mortar snippet at the end. Love me some Brick & Mortar moments.


The Harpie Wants To Know

Do you call books “my precious”?
Which books are on your Most Wanted list?

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #4: Harpie’s Most Wanted: We Wants it! We needs it! We must have the precious!

    • Blood of the earth sounds so good I’m probably will read it without being at that point in Jane’s story, and I don’t even care how much spoilers I’ll get 🙂


  1. I definitely call books “my precioussssss” because IT’S JUST A NATURAL THING TO SAY TO THEM RIGHT!??!? *nods sagely* Also YES to Paper & Fire! Even though that combination of words is very horrifying…I’m sure the book will be beyond brilliant. I cannot WAIT to devour it. 😀 Here’s my TTT!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rachel Caine made me watch someone eating a book. That shattered me. Then she used the burners concept. WHICH IS AWFUL. Burning books to make a statement? Burn furniture. Burn food. Not the books.


    • I included it because I haven’t raved it enough lately 🙂
      Plus, I’m so behind on favorite series that I haven’t enough new releases to fill the top ten… soooooo… there is no such thing as too many Harry Potter talk.


    • I still have book #3 to finish. Yes, I know blasphemy. But, I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet. Plus, I started to listening to it. And realized I was going to cry. A lot. I’M NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE WHILST CRYING!! And sobbing… And all nasty things that happen when deeply crying.

      Liked by 1 person

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