Before. After. In Between. The Spin-off dilemma

A couple of weeks ago, the NetGalley gods approved me for Blood of the Earth. Which is a BIG event for me. Not only is a book from Faith Hunter, it is also a book from the Berkley Publishing Group, and getting approved by them is always a celebration worthy event. They publish some of my favorite authors, so, it’s the group I secretly wish one day being able to be pre-approved.

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It also made for a new feature on the Steven and Sonia Show that can basically be resumed like this:

Steven: No. No. No. You haven’t read Jane yet. You can’t read it.
Me: What? Of Course I can. Why not? It doesn’t has Jane
Steven: Is a spin-off, you need to read the series first
Me: But it’s a different main character
Steven: It has spoilers for some characters from Jane’s
Me: *Harrumphs*

Harpies harrumphing are dangerous. Just saying


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And that has me thinking. Is it really that bad? Okay, so, order is important. It also may not be an issue. When I first read Moon Called, I got so hooked that I simple binge read every single Mercy Thompson book that was published by then. After River Marked, I was in need of another one. So, naturally I searched goodreads and discovered to my delight Mercy had a spin-off. Wait, what? In between books? IT HAS A READING ORDER AND I FAILED IT?!

After my book OCD instincts stopped screaming at me, and after reading Alpha & Omega, I have to admit that… it didn’t matter. Because the series have characters in common BUT can be read on their own.

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Maybe for cases like Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, order is something important. But. Is it that different from reading book and prequel that is published and intended to read after said book?

I’m still kicking myself for not reading Heroes of Olympus when it was being published. And why? Because I had two Percy books to read at the time. And guess what? I still have Last Olympian to read, and now I lost the Rick Riordan train completely and what’s worse, everybody read them but me, which means I also missed the chance to be completely excited with them.

And the list goes on. There is no reason to read Infernal Devices before or after Mortal Instruments. Yes, they have Magnus in common. But the time-frames are so different they can be different series.

Or, like the Midnight, Texas series. Charlaine Harris picked minor characters from her various series and wrapped them all into a perfect blend and a totally new world. I haven’t read the Lily Bard series, does that mean I should have waited to read Midnight Crossroads? I don’t regretting it. And I will read Lily Bard eventually.

In conclusion, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. What I do know, is that every time I look at Blood of the Earth cover my finger starts itching to select that book on my kindle app. One of this days I may succumb to temptation.


The Harpie Wants To Know

Do you read books out of order?
What about Spin-offs?

8 thoughts on “Before. After. In Between. The Spin-off dilemma

    • Awwww, don’t be mad at me. I’m not giving up on Jane. I didn’t read the synopsis before requesting it… only saw it was a new series. Now I have time issues… plus cover love.


  1. I always read in order! XD Even if it’s a spin-off series, so far I’ve always gone back and read the original first! I did that with Percy Jackson last year (omg so sloooow) I read the first PJ series and then the Heroes of Olympus afterwards. I’m glad I did though because it kind of builds up backstory?! It’s hard with the Cassandra Clare books though because technically The Mortal Instruments spoils The Infernal Devices. *facepalm* But I read TMI first. SO YEAH. THAT WAS BAD. hehe.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • Yeah, that’s the reason I stuck to Percy before jumping into Heroes. I just felt I should have done it differently when Magnus Chase was released.


  2. I actually like to read books in order. (idk why maybe it’s my OCD or smthn) I find it quite easy to follow and I could actually follow the story. In re to the TMI and TID, I actually restrained myself from reading TMI before reading TID. Fortunately, I finished TID and now I’m currently reading TMI (*pats myself on the back*).

    Regarding to Riordan’s books, I actually believe that it has to be read in order. The introduction of characters would be messed up inside your head if it’s not in order. And it’s nice to see the relationship between different characters bloom and develop.



    • The only problem IMO of reading TMI after TDI, is that from what I’ve heard, her reading style improves, which means we don’t follow her growth. But yeah for staying in line! *hands precious golden feather as reward*

      I’m already behind on Rick Riordan’s, so, may as well stick to the order. I’m not that strict about following the order, but when I realized I did, I kinda am? Nope, not weird at all 🙂


  3. Great post!
    I have to read in order or my mind will explode!
    Hope you enjoy Faith Hunter’s new series. She’s fantastic.
    New follower


    • Thanks Lauren!
      I’m probably skip it just this time… It’s so close. I’m drowning in books and the binge read itch is just not there.
      I’m hoping book #2 changes that – secretly wishing for it, actually. I did like Jane & Beast. And loved the writing style. But Blood of the hearth is just there.. tantalizing.

      Liked by 1 person

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