Harpies don’t make mistakes, they misplace their Time Turners

time turners
Time Turners were a great invention. They also should come with warning labels and use with care signs.

Overuse can lead to reality distortion

Specially if you pull an Inception trick and use the Time Turner inside the pocket of time created by said Time Turner. Before trying to do this, ask yourself: Do you really need the chance to have unlimited time to read all those books? Is it better than sacrifice your soul to a demon in exchange of said unlimited time? Are you still able to go back to get more books? Can all this questions be answered by a very loud Hell, Yes! ?

Overuse can turn you into a jealousy target

Have you ever wondered how that person can read so many books in a day? Well that’s easy, they read. Now try to fit the whole Dresden Files into one hour and then you’ll see what people will say about you. Get your own Time Turner, this one is mine! Mine! My precious!

Misplacing it can cause people realizing you’re not perfect after all

Like this morning when I wake up to find out that the incomplete and unreviewed post of Paper & Fire was published for FOUR WHOLE hours… and replicated to both twitter and facebook.

What happened? Well, for starters I clearly misplaced my time turner otherwise we wouldn’t be here having this conversation. Also, either the computer gremlins messed up with my scheduling settings or time rearranged itself to play a prank. I knew teasing Loki was a bad idea, but it seemed so fun at the time.

Since the time turner seems to have been lost forever *ugly sobs* here’s what I’ve learn from that episode:

  1. Always keep your Time Turner close to you. Always. Even if you are attending a nudist barbecue party. It can be used as an accessory. It also can be really handy to turn back to the temporary insanity episode that lead you to accept to attend said party.
  2. Wreck your poor abused brain from all the times you had to integrate reality in order to come with a perfectly plausible excuse and write a brilliant and flawless post about it
  3. Get a notebook and start taking notes of posts and ideas to come and ACTUALLY use it regularly to avoid it to happen again
  4. When scheduling posts make sure they’re ready to go if Loki decides to get back at you for last summer prank and you lose notion of time
  5. If you just want to have basic work already done and keep it at hand for when you ACTUALLY have time to read the book, then keep the post as draft. Even if you have a bit of a backlog of drafts, the troubles to find the exact post are less than people realizing you’re not that perfect after all
  6. Act like it doesn’t bother you. Harpies are too a majestic beings to let themselves get affected by rookie mistakes.

Disclaimer: Post inspired by this comment exchange with the amazing Cait @ Paper Fury and her explanation of what book bloggers really do


The Harpie Wants To Know

Do bloggers do mistakes often?
Do you want to share them with us?
How to get over them?

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