Underrated books: Nobody Cares But Me

Bookworms have one thing in common they all LOVE books. They love to read. They daydream of having an island full of books where they can be all alone with them. With internet connection and unlimited funds to buy more books – okay, maybe more than one thing, that’s not the point.

However, they don’t always don’t like to read the same things. And if you are looking at Harry Potter or Hunger Games ratings and disagreeing with me, I have two words for you: Fifty Shades!

And now that I made my point, let’s talk about those books that I either loved or enjoyed immensely, but it seems I’m the only one.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by the Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s topic is “Top Ten Books We Enjoyed That Have Under 2000 Ratings On Goodreads.

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Magic Steals (Kate Daniels, #6.5) by Ilona Andrews – It’s a Jim & Dali’s story. The one they finally get together as mates. And it only has  576 Ratings!!! I’m shocked. Shocked! Well.. it was first released as part of an anthology. So maybe that’s the reason. I’m hoping that’s the reason. It better be the reason.

Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend (Ben and Fran, #1-2) by Katie MacAlister – I love Katie MacAlister Dark Ones series. It’s a funny and light PNR series.. So, when I’ve heard she had a young adult version of it posing as Katie Maxwell I went in pursuit. And that’s the only acceptable reason for this one to have such a low rating too. Because it is the combined edition of two previous released books.

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Preternatural Affairs by SM Reine – To be fair, Witch Hunt is above 2000 ratings. But the overall rating for the entire series isn’t. Which is a bit disconcerting. Come on, male witches? With a witty and sarcastic humor? Cezare is awesome! Yes, around book 4 things got a little weird but it is a good read. The world building is very interesting. And the concept. And it has the RIGHT kind of zombies. Just saying.

Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts, #1.5) by Stacia Kane – This one I get it. Kinda. Because I love the series. I love Cassie and seeing her by Terrible’s eyes? Priceless. However the drug using the downsider speech and sometimes Cassie make the readers shy away. Which is a damn shame because killer ghosts!!! The world building and plot are so good that they can sell the books on their own.Then we have the character interactions and all power plays and how Cassie tries to survive on a world that seems to hate her. LOVE IT!

Infected by Andrea Speed – Two reasons make people  stay away from this series. One, the main character is gay and it focus a bit on his relationship. Newsflash, it has no explicit content – which is sad, if you ask me – only some teasing and some innuendos. Two, the writing style. First book is written almost like an anthology. So is third. Two different stories, that somehow have some connection. But it is a very good series. It has a new take in cat shifters and some events that totally sucked me in. I cannot wait to read more Roan. I want to know what his story will be.

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The last batch isn’t unusual to have low rating numbers because they’re MM romances. Even the fangirl fighting inducers like Ty&Zane books are below 20,000… so… no surprises. Which doesn’t mean I agree with those low ratings because everybody should love them like I do. Even if that means sharing Ty&Zane.

Deviations series by Chris Owen – This particular one, and last book disappointments aside, is one of the best BDSM series around. Tobias is everything a Dom should be. Noah, I just fell in love with Noah. And his journey is one to cherish and love. And reread. Several times.

The Coil by L.A. Gilbert – Why should you read The Coil: It has a pet bunny. It has a pet hamster. It has a dorky writer. That said dorky writer has an autistic son/nephew that he loves to pieces and that will melt your heart. It has diner worker that can’t read or write, who has a lousy life and dreams to go to art school one day. This book has the power of hope. It has love. It has sacrifice. And what is better, it has the power to make you believe your dreams can be made true.

Red Dirt Heart Series by  N.R. Walker – This is one of my favorite contemporary mm romance series. An American student from Texas applies for a program in Sutton Station: One of the world’s largest working farms in the middle of Australia. There he finds more things to love than the red dirt. Charles & Travis grabbed my heart from page one. The only thing I didn’t like when finishing book #4, was to have to tell them goodbye.


The Harpie Wants To Know

Do you have any books that nobody cares but you?

10 thoughts on “Underrated books: Nobody Cares But Me

    • Kate Daniels is my favorite urban fantasy series. I’m going to be *really* sad (and feeling that the world has ended) when the time for final book arrives – which will be soon – fortunately, they’re making a side series with one of the support characters – Derek, the young werewolf from first book.

      It is good – actually, pretty good, too bad for the short size – I love Derek as much as I love Kate and Curran. But is not the same thing.


    • I know right? We need a way to hit the pause button on time and loose ourselves inside a book.

      Ohhhh I love your list. There’s a few there I want to read.

      *runs to comment*


    • I liked Silver Bullet better… werewolves and nightmares and zombies of the right kind. So go on and read!

      Oooooh, nice. I was one of the lucky ones to have both as ARCs – I do need to finish Paper&Fire asap – but that’s so cool 😀


  1. I love your header! It’s very cool. 🙂 I haven’t heard of any of these books, but I’m glad that you enjoyed them! 🙂


    • Thanks! I used this image from pixabay. I can’t draw or make pretty graphics to save my life, but I’m a master of cropping and applying photobucket effects *grins*


      • I have no clue how some people get such pretty headers and designs! I might hire someone one day to make some for me, but it won’t be for a while!


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