Harpie Uncovered: 10 maybe unknown facts about me

ttt_uncovered Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Ten Facts About Me .

I am the pathological procrastinator

Hence, a Top Ten Tuesday on a Wednesday.Is just part of me. I can’t help it. If I have a NetGalley deadline, I’ll start the book the closest as possible. And then end up missing the archiving date. Heck, with last Mercy Thompson, I read the book as soon as I got the ARC, and kinda forgot to do the review – yes, I know, shame. I remembered about it the exact day AFTER archiving date. I also wish this only happened with books.

I tend to obsess with book series and re-read them till exhaustion

First time it was Harry Potter. I read and re-read the Philosopher’s Stone countless times. And not always from the beginning. Oh no. I’d opened the book on a random page or on a specific part I was in the mood for, and then read it till the end.

Next it was Breaking Dawn – yes I, book wielding harpie extraordinaire, obsessed with a twilight book. I could blame the audio narrator – she made the book better. But ultimately I *gulps* liked the book.

And no, is not a YA thing. My latest book/series obsession was Cut & Run. The only difference is that this time was the whole series. I am a true Ty&Zane obsessed. One of the reviews state that the book should be called Read & Become obsessed with Ty and Zane! I agree. It’s the only possible outcome.

Physical books bought tend to be on the TBR pile forever

I have no idea how this happened. But let’s check latest acquisitions, shall we? Hunger Games Trilogy, bought after reading first book on audio format – Unread. Divergent series – Unread. The Girl On The Train – Unread. Everything I never Told You – Unread. Cormoran Strike series – Unread. And they’re all awesome! I know they are. I’m sure I’m going to love them, so why the unread status? No clue.


I have a cat tattoo on my arm

And I love it. It was a risk, because although I’m in the IT area, I’m also an external consultant, meaning I spend the whole time on clients. Aaaaand, I’m not a developer – those are special – so, having a tattoo on a visible place can be frowned upon depending on the work environment.


I also have a cat

But he thinks I’m a paparazzi and basically runs away when I grab my phone.Actually, no.. I think he actually can tell when I grab my phone with the intention of taking a picture and runs away or makes it VERY hard to take a decent picture. This one was taken on a full cleaning the room day – cable guys were coming so I used the excuse to clean walls, moving bookshelf and rearranging it, changing the curtains, vacuuming everything TWICE – Simba was not happy with the event, so I got to caught him unblurred on camera. YEY me!

I have a problem with finishing BOMs

Meaning, I sign up for them. I join discussion. I start reading them. I even enjoy them a lot. And then somehow I end up leaving them unfinished for some reason. No, they are not DNF, I fully intend to return to them, specially because some of them were bought to join the discussion, but they just stand there. Waiting.


I never read a  Maggie Stiefvater book

*hides in the safe corner and looks around just in case Cait is really everywhere*

I think I started the Raven Boys when it was a NBRC BOM, but had to stop due to real life and then never got back. This needs to change. Specially when one of your favorite bloggers in the world raves her books so much.

I used to lend books

Yes, I am a friendly person. So, I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Not one, not two, but THREE times. And the last one, the joke is on me, because I decided it was a good idea to lend a book to the same person that abused my poor Chamber of Secrets so much. When I got it back I felt like crying. At least I got that one back. Prisoner of Azkabhan didn’t have that luck. She changed jobs and didn’t thought it would be polite to return my book before going. And yes, I asked her about it. It was unfinished. Apparently requesting my precious book to be returned was insensitive of me. Anyway, can’t change the past, just learn with it. Plus, I have an excuse to buy the new Harry Potter covers.

I love to play SingStar (to my neighbors dismay)

Even if I can’t sing to save my life. Me and my sister love the damn game. We used to make fake teams of two, to play the battle mode. AWESOME. On duets we both sing for each other team. Once, we were singing The Reason by Hoobastank and her cat ran away from the noise. Ahhh the good times. One of the mics is broken. We need to replace it. Soon.

2 thoughts on “Harpie Uncovered: 10 maybe unknown facts about me

  1. *appears out of the darkness* OMGGGGGGG HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ A STIEFVATER BOOK. YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART. LOOK AT IT ALL BROKEN ON THE FLOOR THERE. AH AH. XD Ahem. *composes self* Okay but I do forgive you as long as you read one someday soon. I shall just pile them on your head and wait very quietly. Yes, very quietly.
    Have you read one yet?
    Also your tattoo is very cool!! I will never be able to get a tattoo because I’m so so a pain wimp. Honestly even the thought of pain kills me. Also my dog is the same about the camera. >_> Whyyyy, pets?!? WE JUST WANT TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR ADORABLENESS. I’m sure chasing him about the house with a camera doesn’t help but pfft. A loving pet-owner must do what they must do.


    • I had my eyes set on Scorpio Races for a while now.. I just forgot to put it on my TBR list. Good thing you’re always talking about it. I will read it. Soon.

      I got lucky with the tattoo. And the tattooist. She was a friend, and was in the learning process – I may or may not have posed as guinea pig for her – and she explained that in the wrist, as it was my original planning, was a bad idea because it would hurt like hell, and the tendons would cause the needle to jump. The middle of the arm, was just a buzz, it only pin-pricked when doing the cat’s hears.


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