Rewind. Stop. Play Again: The Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Top Ten Tuesday REWIND. Meaning I get to go back and choose a missing one, and since Harpies are nothing by original, I choose to do a mashup of two: Ten Books I Picked Up On A Whim and  Ten Books I Read Bought Because Of Another Blogger. 


Basically, we’re going to talk about my last book order – btw, being on a book buy withdraw for more than 6 months has a side-effect lost of self-control for Harpies. I bought not one, not two, not three but TEN books *faints*.

Some of them arrived today and I’m still happy dancing whilst simultaneously grumbling about how bookdepository process book shipping. But hey, no delivery fee, so I can’t complain…much.

Anyway, here’s the whim purchases:

Career of Evil – And why is this a whim purchase when I was planning on buying it as soon as the right size edition was available? Because  I still have The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Silkworm to read. Yep. Both books waiting patiently on the shelf to be picked up.

Day 11

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child – No, I am not cheating. Yes, I was planning on buying it, BUT, the options were infinite. Buy online, and save quite a lot, but wait for almost a month? Go to the store and get it on the release day but pay the full price? I ended up deciding on the day I placed my bookdepository order. I did a mix of the two: bought online at my usual bookstore and got a small discount – I haven’t read it yet, and managed to avoid spoilers so far, yey me!


Magic Bites – Kate Daniels is my favorite Urban Fantasy series (and heroine). There is a reason I don’t have all the books in the series – the editions are mismatched and it is one of my serious pet peeves. Books from same series need to have same height. But, when I was browsing for which books to buy, the first book special edition caught my eye and.. It is now resting on my bed waiting for me to read it – because there is no such thing as too many re-reads of a book favorite.

The Scorpio Races & The Raven Boys – Not my fault. Cait made me do it. What, you don’t believe me? Just check her bookstragram. or Twitter. Or blog – seriously do, because she’s that awesome – Anyway. We can make a drinking game and all. Actually, no. No drinking game. Let’s just buy the books and read them and discover why she raves them so much.

I also feel a bit cait-stalker sometimes. I am not a bad internetz person. I swear. Harpies are majestic beings. Not creepy or stalkerish. Ahem.

Btw, that silver looking sticker is not a sticker at all is a embedded seal on the cover *wipes sad tears*


Last but not the least, the entire Splintered series. Well, to be honest Splintered was on my radar for a while now. And then I heard Cait talking about it being the only Alice in Wonderland retelling worth reading.

Now, I used to love retellings, but, since the My Name is Rapunzel fiasco, I shied away from them. But then COVER LOVE!!! And my sister loved the book too soooooo…. onto the basket they went. Too bad bookdepository thought I didn’t needed to get them in the proper order.

The Harpie Wants to Know

Do you buy books on a whim or because of the cover?
Do you stalk Cait @ Paper fury too?
What’s your TTT?

11 thoughts on “Rewind. Stop. Play Again: The Top Ten Tuesday

    • Thanks!
      Well… I did “cheat” and bought it to pick at the store on release date, so… just used a little discount. 😀


  1. Omg *blushes* This just made my evening 10000 x better IT DID, OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS.😂 *GIVES YOU CAKE* ❤ And I'm super glad I convinced you to be Stiefvaterfied!! (Is that a word?!? It should be a word.) I'm like totally subtle in my rabid love and appreciation for her books I KNOW. But I cannot help myself. And omg Splintered. SPLINTERRRRRRED. <33 Even seeing you blogging about them makes me want to re-read. So much love ahhhhh!!!


    • XD XD XD

      Glad you liked it. I do feel like a creepy stalker sometimes but just can’t help it. Your pictures are awesome and I looove your tweets. And your blog is my favorite one soooo…. *giggles*

      Anyway, I picked Splintered and Unhinged today on the post office… so now I’m looking at them and trying to decide which one to read first. Not easy. Just saying.


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