Most Wanted 2017: Ash & Quill by Rachel Caine

ashquillTitle: Ash and Quill
Author: Rachel Caine
Release Date: July 11th, 2017

Ash and Quill (The Great Library #3)

Pre-order: Barnes & Noble |Indiebound|Books-A-Million|Amazon|Amazon UK

Book 3 of The Great Library
Captured in London and sent to the Burner city of Philadelphia, Jess and his friends struggle to survive in a city under siege, with everyone their enemy … but escaping Philadelphia is far from the end of their challenge. They must take their fight home, to Alexandria, to the very seat of the Archivist’s power, and show the Great Library a path back to becoming a force for good in the world. If they fail, they die. And everything—and everyone they love—burns.

4 thoughts on “Most Wanted 2017: Ash & Quill by Rachel Caine

    • The cover is really something. The other too had pretty covers, but compared to this one…
      I wasn’t wowed by Rachel Caine and her Morganville Vampires, but I fell completely in love with The Great Library Series. The wordbuilding and the characters is original, well thought and engaging.


  1. OMG IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I CAN ONLY STARE.😍😍 I mean, granted, I still need to read the second book haha…but I will get to that eventually. I do love this series!!

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    • It’s a gorgeous cover… It awakens the need to go shopping for props for #bookstagram.

      It also induced a very bad case of fangirl panic attack. Because I can’t find Ink&Bone hardcover anywhere!!! (I got previous two as an eArc). And UK covers are… not as magnificent. I’m hoping they do re-editions close to new release date. We’ll see.


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