Series Review: Crossroads by Riley Hart

Sooo… I read a book. It was just a 29,000 words novella with 97 pages. BUT, considering my current state of reading slump, the correct expression should be: Omigosh I read a book last night. Actually, I stayed up till 1:30 reading a book last night, which means I should go screaming it from the deep of my lungs, with some fireworks, confetti rain and a band playing on the background. A Mardi Gras parade seems apropos too… or maybe that’s taking it a little bit too far.

Anyway… dear Ezi – apart from naming me and being an awesome goodreads companion- has been a source of great books and great ideas for the past years… a long long time ago, she also recommended me Collide, saying that Riley Hart was the Colleen Hoover of the M/M romance. Now, at the time, I hadn’t read anything by Colleen Hoover (not that I have read much by now, but that’s not the point), but for me, she was/is synonym of new adult romance, angst, some hot scenes, and beautiful writing, all of which I love, so I tried it. AND I SIMPLY ADORED COLLIDE – even if her writing style threw me off a bit… she had this annoying habit of using the characters names instead of pronouns… fortunately she gets better. A lot better.

Since then, Riley Hart become one of my favorite romance authors. I’ve read pretty much anything she wrote, and as soon as I realize she has a new book out, I have to have it. So, when around midnight I felt like reading something naughty, she seemed like the perfect choice. Why? Well… she had a book out that I haven’t read yet… and it was a short one, in case I decided I couldn’t put it down. And also, being from her, I knew I would enjoy the ride. And it proved a wise decision, because I couldn’t put it down and I loved the story. Beckett and Christian were some pleasurable main characters and we got to see the old crew.

Five Things I love About the Crossroads Series

The covers are smoking hot – what? half naked men, I HAD TO START WITH THIS. There’s plenty of good things to mention about the covers. The black&white&grey tones. The poses are beautiful. The way the couples are always embraced and the poses are very tasteful. Not too much explicit, nothing too exposed – we get to see hard back muscles and that’s it – but hot and droolworthy at same time.

The motorcycle theme – A bad boy in leather jacket riding a cool motorcycle… Really, who doesn’t love that? Well.. we get a little bit of it here, but not exactly that. Bryce is a motorcycle mechanic that loves to ride. Same as Landon. The passion is there but apart from last book bikes are not the main cataclysm… they’re like support characters. And the titles are so well put… Even if I’m still defending that shifting gears would be more appropriated to Nick and Bryce. They’re the ones that did a 180 with their lives.

Very solid support cast – I fell in love with the support cast. Christy & Shanen specially. One of my complains is that we don’t get to see much of Christy as long as the series progress, which makes sense till a point… she is Bryce’s best friend, and his story is the first to be told.

The character that gets to be promoted to MC – is not obvious. Their role on the previous books is so brief, that is refreshing to have them bloom in their own. Ron is the clerk at an adult store, Justin is Landon’s half brother that arrives almost at the end of the book, and Beckett is Bryce’s hero and Landon’s friend that is only mentioned. I’m wondering if that means Quinn will have his story… Or maybe he’s too important a piece in Christians life for that. But the “it’s not my story to tell” had me curious and wanting more. Basically I pretty much love this series and I’m not ready for it to end.

The teasing, the bantering and the funny moments – There are plenty of there. From book one till the very end. And I loved every. single. one. Embarrassing moments, innuendos, put your foot in your mouth, cute shyness.. everything. It’s my favorite series from Riley Hart and all those little quirks helped with that.


Crossroads: First of the series and still my favorite. I loved Nick’s and Bryce’s story. For several reasons: It is a GFY with both characters experiencing the attraction for the first time. Nick was the good catholic boy, that only had one lover in his life – his wife. And already had broken all his family’s rules by getting a divorce. Bryce was the pampered younger child, that always wanted some fun and never settled much and that was always looked like he was in search of the next flavor of the month on pretty much what he did apart from motorcycles. Seeing their friendship turning into bromance turning into HEA was one of the best rides I ever read.


Shifting Gears: Ron passed from a naughty store clerk to a naughty store owner. And then he met sexy client Landon. It was so much fun. Landon is back to town, starting over… with no intentions of getting into a relationship – he much prefers one night stands with no commitments and heartbreak. Ron wears eyeliner, has no filter and is as exuberant as it cans. He also uses all this as a mask to protect himself. After getting Landon a job with his friend Bryce, their lives will never be the same. Seeing them shifting gears about relationships and what matters most in life was a very enjoyable reading.


Test Drive: Probably my least favorite of the story, BUT, I still loved it. Drew is all kinds of awesome and Justin was Drew’s perfect test drive. Why is my least favorite? Because I felt manipulated to feel sorry for Justin. And there was no need for that manipulation. His situation was a crappy one, and I don’t envy him in the least… Seeing his struggle was one thing… being reminded of the why every other paragraph not cool. That little tidbit apart, Drew & Justin are a great addition to the story and Drew has a hell of a test drive!

30830789Jumpstart: Beckett Monroe, motorcycle champion, is experiencing a lack of motivation to stay in the game. When the news of him being gay hits the news, he decides to take a much needed break. Enter Christian, a long lost friend, the one that got away, the one that he didn’t fight enough for. I have only ONE complain about Jumpstart: when they get an invitation to Justin’s and Drew’s pool party, Shanen and Jacob are not there. Which is a shame. And it makes sense taking their connection to the group. Oh well, they’re not supposed to be the star of the novella. And it was a VERY GOOD ONE.

Series Rating: ✪✪✪✪

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