Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter

28953491Rating: ✪✪✪✪✪

Book Info:
328 pages
Published November 1st 2016 by Roc
Available on mass market paperback, kindle, ebook and audio

Series: Souldwood #2

Genres: Urban Fantasy

Source: I received a free ARC from the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


Set in the same world as Faith Hunter’s New York Timesbestselling Jane Yellowrock novels, the second Soulwood novel tells the story of a woman whose power comes from deep within the earth…
Before Nell Ingram met skinwalker Jane Yellowrock, she had no one to rely on, finding strength only in in her arcane connection to the dark woods around her. But now she has friends in the newly-formed PsyLED team to keep her grounded—even if being part of the agency responsible for policing paranormals presents dangers of its own…

After training at the PsyLED academy, Nell returns home to her woods to find the land feeling sick and restless. And that sickness is spreading. With the help of her team, under the leadership of agent Rick LaFleur, Nell tries to determine the cause. But nothing can prepare them for the evil that awaits: an entity that feeds on death itself. And it wants more…

Being stuck in a reading slump sucks. Specially when so many good titles were released this year and I have them, right there, and don’t feel the pull to grab them. When I first got approved for Curse on the Land on NetGalley, I didn’t just think *happy dances* No. I literally started dancing… and jumping up and down on my tiptoes… and did some geekly sounds and moves… And before someone asks, there are no photos or videos… so… it may or may not be true *winks* … And then the book stayed there… untouched… making me feel guilty for not being able to read it… until now. And I simply loved it. To pieces. Remember me saying book #1 was the best read of the year? Well.. it was… till now. Curse on the Land takes the cherry on top of the cake.

Goodreads updates:

12/05 – marked as currently reading
12/05 – 51%
“What to do when you want to do some anti-stress coloring and noisy family is all around you? You get one of your Most Wanted in audio format plug in your earphones, grab your pencils and the world just. stops. #bestideaever”
12/06 – 72%
“No matter how many times it is referred that Occam is blond, for me, he looks like Morgan from Criminal Minds. And there is no turning back!!!
I love Faith Hunter. Picking a sweet character to go to all dark… unexpected and ultra cool!!!!”
12/07 – Marked as read

Reasons you should read Curse on the Land:

1. You want to try a Faith Hunter’s book but are intimidated by the amount of books on  the Jane Yellowrock’s series. (I do recommend read Soulwood #1 first though, because the series needs to be read in order). Also, reading this one may cause the desire to read Jane. Specially with one little development that will have you want to know what happen to get there.
2. You are a Urban Fantasy fan – yes, if you don’t like paranormal elements, this is not the series for you. But if you do, what are you doing there reading this instead of rushing to the bookstore/library?
3. You like your main characters to be strong and independent under a layer of sweetness and calm. You know, the time that doesn’t scream bad ass but still have sass and can surprise you to the core. Yes, Nell needs to be saved from time to time. But, in her case it’s on purpose. She lived her live oppressed and trusts no one. Now, she’s learned that she will never be alone again, and has friends and people she can depend on. Her journey is so enjoyable to read that my heart was breaking to know it would be a trilogy only. Good thing that little detail is now on the verge of changing. Because Nell is a force to recon with
4. You like to see cult raised members to break free and set a live for themselves. There’s two things I love about this: One, seeing Nell finding a place on the world, and learn a new life full of possibilities after all she has been through. And two: Her relationship with her family, that still abide by the cult’s rules. They understand each other, and they respect their choices without trying to convince the other party they’re wrong and that they should change. I also liked to see Sam. He’s a mix. he belongs to the cult, but he agreed on some outside rules, and make both work. AMAZING.
5. You like to see sweet characters go dark. And doubts raised.
6. You like stabbing and betrayal. Read this book. You will love it.
7. And finally, you like romance but despise insta-lust. The romantic hints are so sweet. Also, I want a Occam for myself. I’ll even rub his belly when he goes all furry on full moon… assuming I don’t become dinner, that is.

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