FanGirling: Ilona Andrews

Yesterday I was watching some mindless TV with my sister – no reading mood, remember? – when out of the blue she says “Ask Ilona a question”. It was the goodreads marketing message due to a new release coming soon. I commented something about White Hot being released in May, and subject died.

Early today I finally checked on goodreads, and there it was the same message. Being that Kate Daniels is just my favorite series of all times and forever, makes sense. What also makes sense is that the question I have is “How on Earth will I survive in a world without a new Kate release?”. Because next Kate, will also be the last….Excuse me while I sit in a dark corner wailing in despair.


Ahem… Good thing that everything Gordon and Ilona write is pure gold, and I have a couple of series to look for. Even if their Hidden Legacy series is supposed to be a trilogy only… which leaves me with only the Inkeeper Chronicles and maybe some Grey Wolf shorties… and… what is the world coming to?????

Anyway, that made me think I had no clue what was happening in Ilona’s world, since I have been away of all things online lately. But first thing first, time to turn computer on to pre-order white hot. After some hard and short internal debate of physical versus digital copy, the latest won. Not only due to the waiting period but also because I’m not that big of a fan of the Hidden Legacy covers. They kind of remind me a Harlequin romance cover. Okay, I get the why, specially being published by Avon, but they’re more than that. They’re so much more than romance. The plot, the worldbuilding and the characters are so rich, that discarding this books as romance is a CRIME. They’re so, so good.


As a result, I ended up pre-ordering both White Hot and Wildfire, and buying Burn for Me and Origins: Alphas. No, I don’t need an intervention. One does not need an intervention when it relates to favorite author.

I also applied to a Blog Tour for White Hot. My first blog tour try, so chances are very slim, but I’m trying anyway. And it’s not even for the chance of getting a free ARC since I applied for dates after the release date to ensure I had a copy available.

After stalking Ilona’s website (and spend a while reading freebies and excerpts) here are the news:

  • There’s going to be a Hugh novella and it may be in serial format!!! *happy & deranged fan dance* . And here are some snippets.
  • Gordon is going to write some Rogan’s POV’s
  • White Hot has a Kirkus review
  • Kate #10 is going to be released in May 2018 – Bittersweet news, because it’s going to be worth the wait, but it also means a LOOOOOOONG wait.
  • Inkeeper Chronicles has a special edition signed and limited (and also a little expensive, hence not being ordered as we speak)


And that’s all for now… time to curl on the nest and cope with the reading of White Hot Excerpt and having to wait two months to know the rest


The Harpie Wants To Know

Is there an author you’re totally obsessed with? Am I the only one?


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