Top Ten Tuesday #13: Bookish Obsessions Through the Years

Everybody that hangs out near me on goodreads, blog (or even real life) knows that sometimes I get really addicted to a book (or series). Actually, to be honest, I obsess to dangerously  close to intervention levels. Worry not.. mostly I read everything related to or re-read them to exhaustion and then move on… to the next book obsession. Of course, while it lasts, I also tend to make people read them. feather

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Fandom Freebie“.


1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

I bought this book as a Christmas present to my sister. Eventually we bought all the others and suffered terribly waiting for the next book in line till it ended. Now we’re (and by we I mean I) moving on to the next phase: Cursed Child, Movie script adaptation and some awesome merchandise the series has and I *must* have. But, that first book was my go to comfort reading for years. I must have read it at least 20 times.. and that was BEFORE the first movie came out. It was my first book obsession and will be always on my heart.



2. Breaking Dawn

I’m kinda ashamed to have this one here (which means we’re going to have a full post about it one of these days) but, truth to be told, I spent quite a while re-reading (or re-listening) to this one. So much that I discovered my audio version had a fluke so I manually changed the track numbers to have them play in the correct order. Curious part is that my reaction reading book #1 was not that good. Or book #2… by book #3 I just wanted to get over with it to know how the story ended… BUT Breaking Dawn… there’s something about that book that hooked me to a point I could recreate the scenes with the exact intonation of the book’s narrator (which made a hell of a job, if you asked me)



3. Vampire Academy

I have a confession to make. I only read book #1 of the Bloodlines spinoff. Hence, my love for Rose is still going on. I simple adored her. She had everything a young and rebel warrior needed. Plus she was adept of the hit first, ask questions later, and who doesn’t love that philosophy? I read all books in a row – had a breakdown with the end of book #3, but I have a good excuse, no matter how much I liked Adrian I was Team Dimitri to the core – I read the series. I listened to it. I made people read it. I added it to the Feature Series Folder. I got the graphic novels. I even watched the movie and *glup* accepted what they did to my precious.



4. Mercy Thompson

I saw the cover of Moon Called on my favorite bookstore and promptly took a picture, so I wouldn’t forget. Of course vampires were the masters of my reading at the time, so I needed some force to fight them for dominance. And dang, Mercy does fight. She is a force to be recon with. She is also the one that made me love werewolves, because till then, they were just monsters without a rational thinking, therefore, a must terminate on sight. From first book I got sucked in, and only stopped after there wasn’t a single mercyverse published word unread. A re-reading is also in order… maybe in the summer 🙂



5. Kate Daniels

The reason I created the Feature Series Folder and my favorite series of all time. And it was a gradual love. After reading Magic Bites I boldly stated that I had found a contestant to Dresden. I was wrong. After Magic Burns I was pretty sure Dresden would never grab my heart as Kate did. And by Magic Strikes I couldn’t stop. If there is a published word on the Kateverse that I haven’t read.. is because it’s hidden or somehow hell has frozen over and I missed it. A few years ago, in a recommendation post my pair said that she was giving me something to fill the Kate shaped void I would have. She had a point… there will be a Kate shaped void in May 2018, and I have no clue if anything will have what it takes to fill it.



6. Cut & Run

Last but not the least, we have the Cut & Run series. This obsession was the WORSE I EVER HAD. It took me more than a year to stop re-reading those books. I was seriously damaged. Had a bad day at work? Read some Ty&Zane. In a sore mood? Read Ty&Zane. Need to kill some time and want something that you can interrupt at anytime? Read some Ty&Zane. It was my go to comfort reading. Actually, it was my only reading. I got it so bad that I was really worried I would have a meltdown when final book was out. Turns out, I needed that final book to move on. It wrapped the story nicely, Ty&Zane had their HEA, and there are also the tiny Brick & Mortar snippets on the Sidewinders spin-off. So do I miss the boys? Yes, I do. Would I be happy with more? Of course, their interaction is awesome. Am I satisfied how it turned out? Totally. And I can always get back to them without being stuck into a loop. Which is a good thing, since Riptide has announced new covers and re-editions and that series has a hardcover spot reserved on my bookshelf. Which also means a Ty&Zane re-read in the future.



The Harpie Wants To Know

Are you a re-reader?
What’s your TTT?


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #13: Bookish Obsessions Through the Years

  1. Oh I LOVE how you’ve done this prompt!! This is so awesome! I absolutely entirely go through book-series-obsessions and NO REGRETS.😂 It’s so fun to get so immersed in a world though!?? And like one of my most recent ones is A Darker Shade of Magic. Like it’s all I can think about and I’m already lining up rereads despite having re-read some of them this year already.😂 As a kid I was so obsessed with Ranger’s Apprentice that I got into archery because of it! (And ultimately failed because I’m about as athletic is a peanut.) But fandoms are soooo awesome. I love connecting with something really intensely!


    • Why, thank you! *happy dances* 😀
      I was waiting for the last book to be out to dive in A Darker Shade of Magic (I have a thing with book editions all pretty and matching). I’m currently book obsession-free and that cannot be. I need to fill that void to feel complete.


    • The boy who lived will live forever. I’m really looking forward to set up my new room, so I can buy bookshelves and have the excuse to get a new hardcover set. And the Illustrated ones. Because there is no such thing as too many Harry Potter books


  2. Hi! I want to be a rereader, but I always feel so guilty because my TBR pile is so high! I’d like to reread HP because I think it’d be fun. I’d also like to reread the Twlight series to see why I enjoyed it so much (that baffles me now) haha.
    My TTT


    • Added to the TBR.
      Not sure why it wasn’t there already, since books have been seen on recommend challenges and buddy reads and bom discussions.

      Thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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