A quick explanation of the categories I’m using and why.

Book of the Month – NBRC@Goodreads has 4 different categories; back room (non suited for underage members), young adult, adult sci-fi/fantasy and anything goes (that is not one of the previous 3). So, the odds that I manage to read a book out of my comfort zone and that makes me thing and learn new things are really high. So, when I decide to join the BOM reading, with the breakdown sections and the discussion questions, this is the category to use.

Book-Talk – Because it’s my favorite book thing to do after reading!

Cleaning the TBR Closet – when I pick a book that has been on my TBR for more than a year, read it, and then post basic things: date added, reason for being let behind, why it was picked back to read and if it was worth the adding to the list in the first place.

Most Wanted – New releases or new book favorites that I have to wait to get my hands on.

NetGalley – Book reviews from books provided by NetGalley, NetGalley requests or book-talk about the NetGalley Challenge@NBRC

Picked For Me – For when I get great book recs or join the recommends challenge.

Read-o-Meter – Proper book reviews with publishing dates, quotes, first impressions and review.

Reading Challenges – Hi, my name is Sonia and I’m a reading challenge addict. Specially the starting part. The finishing, not so much.

Reading Plan – I love to plan future readings, even if I never stick to the plan.

Short & Sweet – Quick book reviews, using the goodreads format. For those books I want to talk about but not do a proper review.

Steven Says ReadIt! – After much banter (we even got our own show at SRA) and complains about me telling him what to read and ignoring what he wants me to read, we got to a compromise: Steven gets to chose one book a month and I have to read it. No questions asked, no complains, whatever it is.

To-Be-Read – Books added to to read list or new discoveries.

Unfinished Business – Books that were started and paused with intention of being picked back again, only to be abandoned and forgotten.Till now.