The Harpie’s Reading Madness March Plan

So… due to real life I manage to read…. ONE book in January and ONE book in February.




Well I managed to finish a book already this month – And I read almost 70% yesterday – so yey me! Maybe this last sentence will be more than wishful thinking.


I’ll present to you…

The Harpie’s Reading Madness March Plan:

Silence Fallen (Mercy Thompson, #10) by Patricia Briggs Magic for Nothing (InCryptid, #6) by Seanan McGuire

UF Wednesdays
Mercy Blade (Jane Yellowrock, #3) by Faith Hunter Raven Cursed (Jane Yellowrock, #4) by Faith Hunter Death's Rival (Jane Yellowrock, #5) by Faith Hunter Blood Trade (Jane Yellowrock, #6) by Faith Hunter Black Arts (Jane Yellowrock, #7) by Faith Hunter Broken Soul (Jane Yellowrock, #8) by Faith Hunter

yes, I’m well aware that there’s more books in there than Wednesdays in March… remember the ONE book read in February? That’s the result.

Caraval (Caraval, #1) by Stephanie Garber The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

And because there’s not such thing as too many books in the reading plan
Scythe (Arc of a Scythe, #1) by Neal Shusterman Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer, #1) by Laini Taylor Final Girls by Mira Grant

I think I’m forgetting something… I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something… oh well…


The Harpie Wants To Know

So.. Anything on your March Reading Plan you want to share?


I’ll read it tomorrow… next week…year? A list of 2016 unread titles

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Top Ten 2016 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To (But TOTALLY plan to)“.


Last year was… complicated, to keep it short and simple. It was also the year that 1) I bought more physical books than usual and 2) the year I manage to read less since joining goodreads back in 2011.Thus, a lot of new releases were left behind. Some were eARCs and need to be read in a rush, some were even started. Some were added to the list because of those that were started. Not to mention the book ordering gone wrong which caused precious books to be lost and arrived long due their needed date.

New year, New reading goals. So here’s this week’s TTT, by release order (Click image to go to goodreads page)

  • Big Rock by Lauren Blakely
  • Spencer Cohen by N.R. Walker
  • Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

  26252659 29083752 25526296

  • Origins by Ilona Andrews
  • Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley
  • Wolfsong by TJ Klune

27257359 25695756 29233804

  • This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay by J.K. Rowling
  • Scythe by Neal Shusterman

23299512 30065028 28954189


The Harpie Wants To Know

Did you reach your 2016 book goals?
What’s your TTT?



Simba’s Amusement Park: the Fallen TBR of Doom

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Ten Books I’ve Added To My To-Be-Read List Lately“.


Well, due to my lack of reading mood, my TBR pile simply tumbled to the floor on despair.. A fact that my cat really enjoys because of its amusement park and snuggling niches qualities.

So, to minimize the READ ME NOW pressure, I decided on a list of books to read in the near future. You can call it The Harpie’s Novemberlicious Reading Plan or something equally cool. Ahem. Here goes nothing:

1. NetGalley eARCs:

 28953491 silence_fallen_layout.indd

2. Because reading books out of order although possible awakes my inner OCD and I have #2 on my NetGalley list too:


3. Recommended (and hoping that a NR Walker reading brings my mood back)


4. To read when the bookdepository mess (**) is solved

30249934 20958632

(**) There was a glitch/problem with setting my address so now my books are travelling across Europe back to the UK to be reshipped home. And I need to wait at least TEN WEEKS aka forever to have them on my grabby paws – a situation that killed what was left of my reading mood.

The Harpie Wants To Know

Even had a book order missing?
Does your TBR allows you to go up the moon and back?
What’s your TTT?


Harpie’s Halloweenish Fears

Growing up on a no-Halloween-celebration country always made me a little sad this time of the year. Sure, we have Carnival, where we dress up, and do pranks and have parades… but it’s not the same thing. There’s something about Halloween that Carnival lacks. Maybe it’s the candy or the Trick or Treating… who knows.

The past years we started to borrow Halloween.. now we have the parties, and candy – trick or treat is not yet truly established, but, for us, costumes are… scary… or gross… or gruesome… or any of the previous ones. No naughty nuns unless they are splattered with blood, bitten by vampires or the zombie variety.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by the Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is “Halloween related freebie“:ten scary books, favorite horror novels, non-scary books to get you in the Halloween/fall mood, bookish halloween costumes, scariest covers), scary books on my TBR, etc.

My favorite genre is Urban Fantasy. When I was a kid I wanted to be a witch – courtesy of TV Shows and movies and books. So, Werewolves, Vampires, Necromancers, Witches… we have plenty of those on my TBR.

However, there are a few things that still give me the creeps and I shy away from them. Gothic horror, zombies, crawly bugs (or bugs that crawl inside our skin), hard core vampire books were people get torn into pieces – yes Stephen King, I’m looking at you and your short stories – psychological thrillers involving children and evil ghosts/spirits dripping blood and with hunger for human flesh. I think I can add more to the list, but those are the main ones.

So, for TTT, I present you, scary books that somehow made into my list:

Nightmares and Dreamscapes (I & II) by Stephen King: This duology one makes top of my list. I read it 15 years ago and I still have nightmares with some of the short stories. The man is a master writer. His imagination reaches sky high. And, I also swore off his books forever. I don’t care about the context they were read or that I was still easily scared at the time. Stephen King movie adaptations? I’m game – providing lights are on and I can watch some silly cartoons after. Books? No thanks.

Feed by Mira Grant: A zombie book, First on a trilogy that goes in and out of my TBR for the past years – Basically since I joined goodreads – I read one of the prequels and loved the writing style. And the disease spreading. And it’s about bloggers, so I have to read it, right? Too bad it has zombies.

The Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish: Another zombie book, but this time, from the right kind of zombies. You know, those who are risen by necromancers or voodoo practitioners. The original ones. The real ones. The ones I shall read without regret.

nna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake: Dripping blood murdering ghosts… check! Scary setting, check! So why is this one on my possible reading list? Because everybody read it but me and loved it! So maybe some day I’ll read it and love it too.

Parasite by Mira GrantPills that cure everything that are basically a worm you swallow and start turning you into a host without will. Yep, a lot of boxes ticked. But It’s Mira Grant aka Seanan Macguire and she’s all kinds of awesome.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black: Why is a Holly Black on the scary list you may ask? Easy peasy. I started it when it was a NBRC BOM. Life got in the way, even if the book was hooking me. However, the scene where the main character wakes up at the party and the escaping scene? It had me on the edge of my seat. It was nerve breaking. Plus I’m slightly claustrophobic so it rang true to the core

Grim (anthology): Grab an assortment of popular YA authors like Julie Kagawa or Rachel Hawkins and have them write a dark and sinister twist to classic fairy tales. Just looking at the gorgeous cover you have that Gothic Horror feeling…

The Boy Who Could See Demons by Carolyn Jess-Cooke: A mental illness psychological thriller featuring a 10 year old boy. Is Alex really schizophrenic or can he really see demons? I’ll figure it out if I ever get the courage to read it.


The Harpie Wants To Know

Do you have Halloween no-nos?
Hidden Fears?
What’s your TTT?


When Harpies Turn Into Dodos

Hold on to your last melon folks, because the world is about to end!


What? You don’t believe me? Just look at the signs:

The world is about to end evidence #1


I added a zombie book to my to read soon pile!

Yes, yes, I’ve been talking about reading Feed. But that’s because it’s written by Mira Grant aka Seanan McGuire and she’s all kinds of awesome. Besides, talking about reading it and ACTUALLY picking it up are two different things. But,The Voodoo Killings is a different thing. I’m actually planning on reading it. As soon as I get all the ARCs almost hitting publishing date out of the way. Why? Two reasons: it’s the right kind of zombies – you know, the ones that are risen by voodoo priests or necromancer driven. The True zombies, not the braaaains ones. But what really made me add it was Kim’s review @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. Her opinion on the book convinced me not only it was a book worth trying, it seems like my kind of book. 

The world is about to end evidence #2


I gave up on the middle of a Ty & Zane re-reading!!!

If that’s not a sign I should start pulling a Chicken Little and start yelling “The Sky Is Falling!” like there is no tomorrow, I’m not sure what it is. Steven couldn’t believe it when I told him. His exact words were “You got bored with Ty & Zane?”. Yep, I can’t believe it either. My remedy for all evil things, my comfort reading, my go-to tool to make me forget world and need some time to get back there again. They’re 9 books on that series and none appeal to me at the moment. Not a single favorite thing. Ohhhhh the pain.

The world is about to end evidence #3

258903551 25695756

I got approved for two most wanted ARCs and haven’t read them yet!

Yep. That’s true. I have them for at least two weeks and haven’t touched them yet. Okay, so I needed to read Ink & Bone first to be able to read Paper & Fire, but Stiletto’s release date is in 3 days and I haven’t read it yet. Nor do I feel the call *sigh*

The world is about to end evidence #4


W.O.B.B.L.E.  starts next Friday and I’m just meh!

This doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve been on this from the start. I talked about it for weeks. I started plotted and planned. I decided to play. Teams are out and I… just feel disconnected. And I’m a green dragon damn it! I demand myself to join the madness and roar our impending victory!


The Harpie Wants To Know

Do you have books signs that the world must be ending?



New from NetGalley

songAll I wanted to see was the status of my latest requests.

But, a purple blur caught my attention and I couldn’t resist. I knew the chances were remote since the title said US & Canada only but I had nothing to lose. The worst case scenario was their refusal, I would probably be a little sad and grumpy but, the wait would be short lived since the expected release date is April 15th.

I pressed request.

I was hoping.

I was wishing.

I got the email saying that my request had been approved  and the book was ready for me to read. I read the email two times before believing my eyes. I almost jumped from bed and started doing the happy book dance – it was around 10 PM, my neighbors wouldn’t be happy. So I did the only next best thing: I downloaded the book – yes, that is important – and next turned the computer on and went to share my delight and happiness with my goodreads friends. There is some kind of unique feeling when we share our love for something with someone that really understand us and can feel the same.

The only reason I don’t start it right this moment, is that I said I would help with a book discussion, and we must honor our book appointments, no matter what. Is the price to pay to have wonderful people being happy for us when we receive a book gift.

So, next book on the list? The Forever Song – the final book from the amazing Blood of Eden trilogy by Julie Kagawa.

If you didn’t read the previous books you may want to stop reading from this point on. Here’s and idea: get The Immortal Rules (book #1) and submerse yourself in one of the best dystopian/post-apocaliptic/vampire trilogy I ever read. Yes, I know, I’m not a dystopian fan so I haven’t read so many of them. It doesn’t matter. Just see the rates. And the blurb. And the reviews. If that doesn’t convince you, here’s another reason: this is not your common young adult series. Unless you have a strong dislike of vampire books, Just read it. Is that good. I promise.

Why am I so excited? Simple!

What will happen when they reach Eden? What will Allison’s reaction be when facing what she doesn’t know about Zeke?

I need to know what happened to Zeke! Is he still human or Vampire?

If he’s a human, how will their relationship survive since he made Allie promise never to turn him?

If he’s a vampire..

That proves Sarren is not a type II vampire but a powerful master. How can Allie and Kanin defeat him?

And, will Zeke and Allie have a chance? Or will Zeke’s aversion to vampires win the fight? What kind of monster will Zeke be?

The questions will all be answered on April 15th 2014


New on my TBR list

Yesterday while talking about the new release of If it Drives– Is it March yet? – a friend of mine asked me if I knew the Cut & Run series. She also said it was one of the best, if not the very best, series she ever read.

And if that wasn’t reason enough, how can you say no to this covers?