NBRC event: The Great Library Cross Promotion

Ask Rachel Caine a Question (Link to Thread) — we’re keeping it open till the end of the week.

Ash & Quill Buddy Read (Link to Thread)

Read & Review Corner
Read the Book and post a small review on the thread:
Ink and Bone
Paper and Fire
Ash and Quill

Review doesn’t have to be too detailed, a small one counts as long as it’s more than “great book”. Since we’re cross promoting the author, if you also review the books on goodreads, It would be awesome.

Cumulative, meaning you can get both coins and tower team points.

Rainbow Gem Coins
Ask Rachel Caine a Question
Tourmaline Coin – 1 Tourmaline Coin

Ash & Quill Buddy Read
Same as BOMs. DQ spots are already taken, but you can still win participation points.

Read and Review:
Citrine Coin 1 citrine coin –> Ink and Bone
Citrine Coin 2 citrine coins –> Paper and Fire
Citrine Coin 3 citrine coins –> Ash and Quill

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Ask Rachel Caine a Question
30 points for participation (ONE question per team)

Ash & Quill Buddy Read
Same as BOMs. DQ spots are already taken, but you can still win participation points.

Read and Review:
Ink and Bone –> 10 points
Paper and Fire –> 20 points
Ash and Quill –> 30 points.


When you’re feeling overwhelmed is time to take a break… or start working on a new team challenge!

So, yesterday I almost stepped down as a NBRC mod. Truth to be told, with real life acting up pretty much since last June, and the madness that was our last team challenge, I was still recovering. Actually, I was ready to throw the towel and quit. I tried to do minimal tasks, and ended up feeling guilty for leaving all work to be done… which in turn made me want to try (and fail) to do books of the month discussions, newsletters, challenges, and overall group maintenance.

It also showed on the blog. No reading time + no posting mood = neglected Harpie’s Nest.

So… I was feeling guilty. And ready to go.  And some time yesterday, a variation of this conversation happened:

Me: I think it’s time for me to go

Mod1: Maybe just take a break?

Me: I’ve tried. And with bad results. We’re in need of another tower teams

A few hours later…

Mod2: I’ve entered in twilight zone because same two thoughts crossed my mind today.


So… we spent my first two working hours brainstorming, talking about rules, and options, deadlines, duration, AND THEME… don’t forget the theme… is quite important for teams names and whatnots…

And yes, I do realize I revealed one of my weak spots… when noticing I’m about to give up, just throw a different challenge my way so I can set my focus in and I’m yours forever!!!!


Have you heard about Tower Teams?
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